Eva Mendes Gets Giggly over Ryan Gosling with Ellen DeGeneres

05/07/2012 AT 04:45 PM EDT

Ellen DeGeneres didn't try to get an official dating confirmation out of Eva Mendes, but she was able to link her and apparent beau Ryan Gosling together by one simple thread – pajamas.

Showing a clip of Gosling, 31, working out in onesie PJs on a recent episode of DeGeneres's show Ellen, the host points out that Mendes, 38, is also a big fan of the relaxing nightwear.

"I don't know if you ever run into him, if you know him in any way, or see him ever," DeGeneres jokingly told Mendes on her show, suggesting she should ask him about the pajamas.

Mendes, who kept a straight face at this point, told DeGeneres, "So ask Gosling about the onesie. Okay, note to self. Ask Gosling about the onesie."

But it was the TV personality's next question that brought out the actress's flushed side.

"So you just call him by the last name?" DeGeneres asked. "You don't call him Ryan? You just call him Gosling – when you see him ever?"

Blushing, Mendes put her head in her hands and covered her face with hair as a set assistant brought out a pink onesie for Mendes and a purple one with duckies for Gosling.

"Because he likes them so much, when you see him – if you see him if you run into him – I've got a gift that I think both of you would have fun [with]," DeGeneres joked once again. "[This could] especially [work] as an icebreaker when you meet him for the first time."

Mendes, who finally gained back her composure, then played coy with DeGeneres.

"If I happen to see him tonight, I will give this to him," she says. "I'm saying if I run in – you never know.
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