Mitchell Guist Flashback: The Swamp People Star Makes Gumbo

05/15/2012 AT 04:30 PM EDT

Swamp People fans can pay homage to the late Mitchell Guist in their own kitchens. (If they like the taste of venison and rabbit meat, that is.)

In memory of Guist, who died Monday at 48 in Louisiana from unreported causes after falling from his boat, is revisiting one of the most memorable moments from the History Channel show, in which the Guist brothers whip up gumbo for their dinner guests in an episode that aired last November.

"Hey Glenn, we got people coming over tonight, huh?" Mitchell, who was one of the alligator hunters the show followed, says to his brother. "What do you want to do with that rabbit sausage?"

The sibling duo, who "were born and raised on the bayou and lived entirely off the land," according to the Swamp People website, add deer meat into the mix, along with some onions, okra and bell pepper.

And when it came time for Glenn to make sure their hearty concoction was suitably seasoned, he calls on his brother for a taste test.

"Always have me for the guinea pig, huh?" Mitchell asks, before slurping down a spoonful.

"Gotta put some seasoning, huh?" Glenn asks.

"Yes," he says. "You do."
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