America's Got Talent: Rapping Granny, 80, Wins Judges Over

05/16/2012 AT 09:30 AM EDT

Night two of America's Got Talent took the search for performers to San Francisco, where the judges – including newcomer Howard Stern – discovered a rapping 80-year-old grandmother known as Granny G.

"I caught the entertainment bug when I was a little girl, like four years old. But things get in your way like marriage and children and you wake up one day and you think, 'My life has passed me by!' " she said before her audition. "I never thought that I would have this wonderful opportunity. ... It would be the fulfillment of all my dreams. I want to be a star."

Taking the stage in a pink dress, pearls and a walker, she performed a rap about family values, dedicated to "all you horny boys out there." (Watch a clip above.)

At first, chins dropped among members of the audience but then the crowd went wild as the beat kicked in and she came out from behind her walker to deliver her lyrics.

Sharon Osbourne gave her a standing ovation and called her "quite fabulous," but recommended she add some sparkle to her walker.

"You're someone who could be one of those people who could capture America's heart," Stern said. "So, I'm digging you."

Granny G wasn't the only crowd-pleasing act to make it to Las Vegas. Magician and concert pianist duo Jarrett & Raja combined classical music with a classic trick – sawing someone in half with a chainsaw. "That's pretty impressive," Nick Cannon said when the half of Raja with the hands returned to the piano to play.

Micah Gregorio, 14, earned her ticket to Las Vegas singing Christina Aguilera's "The Voice Within." "You have a very, very powerful voice," Sharon told her.

And juggler Mike Price got buzzed by Howard Stern when he dropped one of his pins. But while Sharon explained to the new judge that Piers Morgan used to do the same (immediately buzz when a performer slipped up), they both missed an impressive trick. Good thing Howie Mandel was watching! He convinced Price to perform the sequence again and (thankfully!) he was successful and redeemed himself in Stern's eyes.

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