The Eastwood Family's Menagerie: Chickens, Rats – But No Cats!

The Eastwood Family's Menagerie: Chickens, Rats – But No Cats!
Morgan, Clint and Francesca Eastwood
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05/25/2012 AT 10:15 AM EDT

Growing up, Francesca Eastwood's friends felt uneasy going over to her house – not because of her famous father, Clint, but because of the rat room.

"We call it the rat room because we have, like, really, 14 rats," she tells PEOPLE. "But they're really sweet animals. They're very clean and loving."

Francesca, 18, who stars with step-mom Dina and 15-year-old sister Morgan in the new E! reality series Mrs. Eastwood and Company, has joined her animal-loving family in caring for chinchillas, chickens, pigs and tortoises over the years, but don't expect to see any dogs or cats.

"My step-mom and my dad are both allergic to cats and dogs," Francesca explains. "[But having different animals] always been really fun. I'm such an animal lover now, and no doubt because I was raised in a house full of animals."

It all started when, as little girls, Francesca and Morgan spontaneously asked their parents for some chickens – and the request was granted immediately. Chickens led to more birds, then rats, and at some point, "the vet would call us and be like, 'Hey, there's an animal with a broken leg that needs a home.' We, of course, would take it in."

Now living on her own in Los Angeles, Francesca has two dogs: a Chihuahua named August and a Chihuahua-poodle mix named Batman, but she still interacts regularly with the menagerie at the Eastwood family home.

Expect to see lots more from the rat room on Mrs. Eastwood and Company, which airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on E!.

The Eastwood Family's Menagerie: Chickens, Rats – But No Cats!| Stars and Pets, Unusual Pets, Clint Eastwood, Dina Eastwood

Francesca Eastwood and Dina Eastwood

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