Construction Workers Rescue Kittens Found in Concrete

Construction Workers Rescue Kittens Found in Concrete

05/31/2012 AT 09:00 AM EDT

A litter of kittens got stuck between some sheetrock and a hard place recently in Sandy, Utah.

Building contractors were scratching their heads when they heard meows coming from the walls of a home undergoing construction.

"The sheetrockers said they kept hearing the cat," contractor David Best tells Utah's KSL News. "So they started tearing apart the walls and cutting holes in things looking for this cat."

Lots of hole cutting and kitty calling ensued, and the workers determined that not just one, but several felines – a mother and three kittens – were trapped under the garage floor, in the concrete slab compartments that resemble a honeycomb. Even though it would be costly, they made the decision to stop working and rescue the little family under their feet.

An exit hole was made and a very malnourished cream-colored cat, who they later named Crete, dashed out, followed by a second kitten. The third of the litter is believed to have been rescued by its mother, who was also inside, the report said.

Sadly, Crete was robbed of his eyesight after being trapped in darkness for 12 days, but his story still has a happy ending: he and his sibling were adopted by two of the workmen.

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