40-Lb. Cat Is 'Happy' Despite His Weight

40-Lb. Cat Happy Despite Weight
North Shore Animal League America

06/04/2012 AT 02:10 PM EDT

Lasagna and meatballs might not have been in his diet, but Garfield the cat has had plenty to eat.

At 39.75 lbs., Garfield's weight trumps that of 39-lb. Meow, who made headlines in April for his hefty size (and who later died from pulmonary failure).

Ten-year-old Garfield was surrendered to New York's Animal Care and Control after his owner died. He was then taken in by North Shore Animal League America last week.

"He's probably the biggest cat that we've had here," North Shore's Devera Lynn tells PEOPLE. "He is 40 lbs. of sweetness, though. He was definitely loved by his owner."

Apart from being at least 20 lbs. overweight, Garfield has no other medical issues, but his obesity is concern enough. He will be placed on a diet and exercise plan so that he can increase his mobility and eventually start to play.

"He loves his giant belly rubs," Lynn says. "There's a lot of belly to rub, too. It takes time to get around it."

If no next-of-kin reach out to take Garfield within a week, he will be made available for adoption.

"We want him to go into the best home, where the family or individual will make sure he stays on a strict diet and gets exercise," Lynn says. "He's got a lot of years left to live provided he loses some weight."

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