Cee Lo Debuts New Pink Cockatoo on The Voice

Cee Lo Debuts Cockatoo on The Voice Season 3
Cee Lo Green with cockatoo Lady
Tyler Golden/NBC

06/21/2012 AT 03:05 PM EDT

Why let a good thing go stale?

After a season of mischievously petting a snow-white cat named Purrfect on The Voice, Cee Lo Green has moved on to rosier horizons.

Meet Lady, a salmon-hued Moluccan cockatoo and the celebrity judge's new sidekick. Lady will make her television debut on the show's third season, which began taping its blind auditions earlier this week.

"Lady's name says it all," Green tells PEOPLE. "She's my little lady with a big opinion. Sometimes whispers inappropriateness in my ear, but always ladylike."

Where did he meet her? Why a cockatoo? Does Lady actually belong to him, or is she a "professional," like Purrfect was? Green answers in a way that only he can.

"I met her flying around in a fantasy of mine," he says. "She was wild and free just as I'd like to be! Birds of a feather we are."

In fact, Moluccan cockatoos are social birds and are affectionate, gentle and highly-intelligent.

Get a glimpse of Cee Lo and Lady's new working relationship in the video below, and follow Lady on Twitter at @CeeLosLady.

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