Ke$ha Brings Home a Cat After Strip Club Visit

Ke$ha Asks Fans to Name Her Stray Cat on Twitter
Ke$ha and her new cat
Courtesy Kesha

07/06/2012 AT 04:30 PM EDT

Of all the things Ke$ha could have picked up from a night out, she probably wasn't expecting a cat.

The singer announced the addition of a new feline into her family on Monday, Tweeting about its interesting arrival.

"Last night after hitting a gnarly strip club this little guy was handed to me through my car window from a Russian sketch ball," she wrote, sharing a photo of the sleeping beauty. "I think that's considered a rescue..."

In the days since, she's shared more photos of her little guy, and even asked for input from her Twitter followers on what to call him.

"What should I name my cat?" she Tweeted on Tuesday, posting a list of options that include Vladimir Putin, Dave Grohl, Penguin and Mr Peep$.

But while his name remains to be chosen, Ke$ha's affection for her furry new arrival is clearly on display.

"Me + kitty gonna go write dem hits," she posted on Thursday, sharing a self-portrait of the two together.

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