Dianna Agron's Summer Job: Helping Hungry Animals

Dianna Agron's Summer Job: Helping Hungry Animals
Dianna Agron with Sax the lemur
Alyson Rousseau/Wildlife Waystation

07/17/2012 AT 04:40 PM EDT

Dianna Agron is making the most of her summer break – by helping animals in need.

The Glee star has made two trips to California's Wildlife Waystation recently, where staff introduced her to two furry friends – Sax the lemur (above) and Rowdy the monkey – and explained how the animal refuge's residents desperately need her assistance.

"We can't afford to buy meat at [high] prices, and she was trying to locate someone who would either help us or give us meat or tell us where to buy meat," says Martine Colette, the organization's founder and director of animal services. "Most of the facilities that provide animal meat in southern California have been closed down."

Colette hopes that Agron's involvement with the 36-year-old non-profit animal sanctuary, one of the oldest in the U.S., will bring attention to their day-to-day needs. She may film a PSA for the group or be involved in a fundraiser, and has already called on her fans to donate by writing about her experience on her blog.

"I wish the whole word was enthused about animals as Dianna is," Colette says. "I think that it's kind of remarkable that such a young lady with so much going for her in other places would take time out to help something less fortunate."

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Dianna Agron with Rowdy the monkey

Alyson Rousseau / Wildlife Waystation

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