Kate Beckinsale's Pet Detective Fail

07/19/2012 AT 04:30 PM EDT

When her beloved pet cat, Wabbit, went missing, Kate Beckinsale did what any distraught pet owner would do: she hired a pet detective.

"I thought, 'This is a stupid thing to do, but they have it here and I'm in L.A., and I might as well just accept it and go for it,'" she told host Jay Leno on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show.

But while the Total Recall star didn't have high hopes, what she received in return was far different than anything she could have predicted.

"These two women, quite butch women, turned up; one considerably larger than the other one, and they had on head-to-toe camo," Beckinsale continued. "They came in our house, and the larger one said, 'Can I use your bathroom?', and went into the bathroom for a long time and completely blocked all the plumbing in our house. That was the first thing that happened before any pet detecting."

Afterward, the duo had their team of dogs, which consisted of Yorkies and Jack Russell terriers, sniff a bed that belonged to Wabbit, then they set out into the field to begin the search, leaving Beckinsale at home.

"They disappeared for five or six hours, came back at nightfall, of course saying, 'No, sorry we didn't find anything,'" she said. "They handed me a brown padded envelope that said 'evidence' on it … and inside there was just poo. What they were trying to say is, 'We think a coyote ate your cat and if you'd like to have this poo analyzed for even more money to see if your cat's in the poo, you can.'"

Though an embarrassed Beckinsale was initially hesitant to reveal how much she had spent on the service, the star eventually admitted it cost nearly $1,000, and in retrun, "I was left with a bag of poo and a blocked toilet and no cat."

To hear more from Beckinsale about her bumbling pet detectives, check out the video above.

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