Lauren Scruggs 'Learning to Live by Faith and Not by Sight'

  • Lauren Scruggs (left) with Shawn Johnson and Brittany Scruggs
    Courtesy Lauren Scruggs
  • Lauren Scruggs with Gabby Douglas (left) and Brittany Scruggs
    Courtesy Lauren Scruggs
  • Lauren Scruggs (left) and Shawn Johnson
    Courtesy Shawn Johnson
  • Lauren Scruggs and her father, Jeff Scruggs
    Courtesy Lauren Scruggs
  • Cheryl, Jeff, Lauren and Brittany Scruggs
    Courtesy Lauren Scruggs

updated 08/09/2012 AT 02:30 PM EDT

originally published 08/09/2012 AT 09:05 AM EDT

Lauren Scruggs, looking sunny and admitting to being happy to be off her pain medicines since January, is "learning to live by faith and not by sight," she said in her first TV interview Thursday.

Positive attitude aside, she did admit to having some "difficult days" emotionally, "accepting the loss of my eye and hand."

"It's good to be out in public," the fashion blogger and model, 24, told Savannah Guthrie on Thursday's Today show, "letting people know I'm OK." (Editor's note: If you're on a desktop, click through above to see five new photos of Scruggs.)

Of her accident, in which she walked into a spinning airplane propeller while climbing out of a two-seater plane at a private airport in McKinney, Texas, last Dec. 3, "I remember my feet touching the ground, getting out of the plane," she said. "That's all I remember."

The interview took place in London's Olympic Village, where Scruggs said she was taking strength from the Games and the perseverance of the athletes. Asked to single out a particular Olympian, Scurggs mentioned all-around gold-medal gymnast Gabby Douglas – who suddenly appeared on camera to give a surprised Scruggs a hug.

"This means so much to me," Douglas, 16, said of Scruggs's comments. (Scruggs had just said of Gabby: "Her style is so sweet.)

"Keep staying strong," Douglas told her. "Keep smiling,"

Scruggs lost her left hand and suffered severe facial injuries that also caused the loss of her left eye in the accident, and was subsequently fitted with prosthetics.

But as she said Thursday, and will expand upon in her upcoming book Still Lolo (Lolo is her nickname), "The Lord has a strong purpose in it."

Personally, she said, "I've gained a new perspective on life."

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