Aww! Baby Giraffe Gets Nudged by Mom

Aww! Baby Giraffe Gets Nudged by Mom
Jason Brown/REX USA

08/24/2012 AT 04:15 PM EDT

She'll get you started with a little push!

A newborn giraffe wobbled its way into walking – but its watchful mother was right there with him to make sure he didn't fall.

Isabella, a female giraffe at England's Marwell Wildlife, welcomed her third calf, and the Aug. 17 birth, which members of the public were allowed to watch, went very well.

"As soon as the calf was born we closed their house to let baby and mum bond," John Pullen, Marwell Wildlife's curator of mammals, said. "Isabella is really well and very protective of her newborn."

The baby giraffe is doing well, too. It is "strong and tall" and was walking just an hour after being born. It will be eating solid food in about a month, but weaning will take a bit longer, at about a year.

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