The Secret to Honey Boo Boo's Lemonade: 5 Lbs. of Sugar!

The Secret to Honey Boo Boo's Lemonade: 5 Lbs. of Sugar!
Top steps, from left: Lauryn (Pumpkin), Mike (Sugar Bear), Jessica (Chubbs), Anna (Chickadee). Bottom steps, from left: Alana (Honey Boo Boo), June (Mama)
Chris Fraticelli/TLC

09/11/2012 AT 05:35 PM EDT

Beauty pageants aren't cheap, so what's a frugal pageant-loving family to do?

Well if you're the stars of TLC's hit reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, you set up a lemonade stand to make some extra cash – and serve up some super, super sweet lemonade.

"The secret to making good lemonade is a lot of sugar and a lot of lemon juice," says family matriarch, "Mama" June, in a new clip from the show.

Just how much sugar? "The lemonade I make has got a good 5 pounds of sugar," says June. "I don't like stuff that, you know, tastes nasty. I like a lot of sugar."

Even with all that sweet stuff 7-year-old Alana Thompson judges the lemonade too sour, so they add just a bit more sugar.

So be warned lemonade stand patrons: "People in McIntyre, [Ga.,] are gonna have a diabetic attack," says June.

But little Alana (aka Honey Boo Boo) thinks it's worth it, saying, "Yeah, but this thing is so good."

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