Baby Panda Update: Eyes Are Open!

Baby Panda Update: Eyes Are Open!
Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo

09/12/2012 AT 06:00 PM EDT

The eyes have it – and they're ready to see the world!

The San Diego Zoo's new giant panda cub, now 45 days old, has been crossing milestones on a daily basis, and just after being determined a male, he has started to open his eyes.

In another 55 days, the panda will have a name, one that the public can help determine by submitting suggestions on the San Diego Global Wildlife Conservancy website from Sep. 17 through Sep. 24.

Now that he's all 45-days-grown, the panda weighs in at 4 lbs. and at last measurement, was 16 inches long. According to the zoo, his girth indicates that he's nursing well.

Looks like the only advice this young panda needs is to keep doing what he's doing!

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