Photobomb! Stingray Just Wants to Be in Your Vacation Album, Ladies

Stingray Photobomb: Picture
Stingray photobomb

09/28/2012 AT 09:35 AM EDT

Maybe they went on vacation to soak up some rays.

In that case, these three ladies got their money's worth.

In a photo posted Wednesday that has since gone viral on Reddit, a stingray steals the spotlight (with the apparent help of one strong man holding him up). We're guessing they didn't need to purchase a postcard after this extra-special (but perhaps a little reluctant) close encounter.

Commenters suggest the vacation-goers were in the Cayman Islands at Grand Cayman's Stingray City, which advertises, "Come kiss a stingray with us this year!"

Well, these travelers certainly got this stingray's kiss of approval.

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