Lisa Marie Presley's New Job Is Selling Fish and Chips

Lisa Marie Presley Tries Selling Fish and Chips
Lisa Marie Presley
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10/02/2012 AT 08:15 AM EDT

Call it a case of the King's daughter meeting King Neptune.

Yes, that's Lisa Marie Presley, eager to immerse herself in local village life, literally getting a taste of her adopted country by selling fish and chips from a parked van in East Sussex, near the $14.5-million home she shares with husband Michael Lockwood and her children, reports the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

Kim Scales, who owns the Mr. Chippy food wagon in Presley's hamlet of Rotherfield, told the newspaper, "We were all laughing, because not one of the locals realized who it was. She served one local [an order of ] double fishcake and chips, and he didn't have a clue that she was Elvis Presley's daughter."

As for Presley's palette, "She loves fish and chips and drinks and eats in the pub all the time. She's partial to a pint of Guinness, too!" said Scales, who is also landlady of the local King's Arms pub (as in King of England, not Lisa Marie's late father).

But Presley shouldn't look forward to a career in the food biz. Asked if she would consider hiring the 44-year-old American, Scales replied lightheartedly: "No way! She got the fish all upside down and was totally cack-handed" – which one British-American dictionary defines as "awkward."
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