Steve Irwin's 8-Year-Old Son Follows in Dad's Footsteps

Steve Irwin's 8-Year-Old Son Follows in Dad's Footsteps
Robert Irwin feeding crocodiles at Australia Zoo
Dave Hunt/Landov

10/03/2012 AT 03:45 PM EDT

Call him a Crocodile Hunter ... in training!

Steve Irwin's only son made his late father proud Tuesday when he publicly fed freshwater crocodiles for the first time at the Australia Zoo in Beerwah.

Eight-year-old Robert Irwin, who was just 2 when his animal conservationist father died in 2006, stood a safe distance away from the half dozen reptiles as he carefully tossed them fish from a bucket.

"It was really, really fun," he told reporters afterward, adding that he wasn't nervous. "Next, I'd like to feed a big alligator, and then a saltwater croc."

This wasn't the first time that Irwin has been involved in a feeding up close. When Robert was just a month old, his father Steve held him in his arms as he fed an extremely large crocodile; the footage was seen all over the world.

"Living in a zoo, I'm not really scared of anything," Robert said. "Everyday I get to wake up to the tigers, and elephants, and crocs, and everything. It's pretty cool."

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