Sandra Bullock Gets Naked in Shower Scene with Chelsea Handler

Sandra Bullock, Chelsea Handler Shower Naked Together
Sandra Bullock (left) and Chelsea Handler

10/16/2012 AT 02:40 PM EDT

The pixels are working overtime!

Sandra Bullock got naked in the shower with Chelsea Handler for the season premiere of Chelsea Lately on Monday. The purpose of the good, clean fun? To lecture the similarly naked Handler to "stop calling yourself the white Oprah," and, among other pieces of advice, to "stop sleeping with your guests."

"That's why I don't want to do your show. I don't want to sleep with you," Bullock jokes.

"I don't sleep with that many anymore," replies Handler, "just some of the rappers." (Handler and 50 Cent dated "very casually" last year.)

"You have a responsibility to be a respectable talk show host, okay? This comes directly from Oprah's mouth to my ear, to my mouth, out of my mouth, into your ear, down your body, out your vagina, up my vagina and out my ass," Bullocks bellows in a take-charge voice.

The theme of the lecture, says Bullock, is that Handler has become a disappointment. "You have a responsibility to be a role model to young girls and gay and questioning men," the Oscar winner tells her. "And you need to lay off the booze."

"I'm not drinking nearly as much as I used to drink," says Handler.

"Okay," says Bullock, "did I say you could talk?"

Here is it, the most shocking (and possibly NSFW) shower scene since Psycho:

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