Boo! Meerkat Pops Out of a Jack-'O-Lantern

Boo! Meerkat Pops Out of a Jack-'O-Lantern
PA Photos/Landov

10/19/2012 AT 04:00 PM EDT

It's that time of year again – time for pumpkins!

The animals at Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park in Scotland reaped the benefits of the autumn harvest this week, getting a Halloween treat with jack-'o-lanterns in their enclosures.

Lions, bears, otters and others got their taste of that orange squash (a 10-month-old bear cub even got scrambled eggs with his jack-o'lantern), but one meerkat really got into the spooky spirit, finding its way inside a pumpkin and poking its head out of one of the carved holes.

How beastly!

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