Taylor Swift's Cat Is Judging Her

Taylor Swift's Cat Is Judging Her
Taylor Swift (inset) and cat Meredith
Courtesy Taylor Swift; Inset: CFI/Splash News Online

10/24/2012 AT 01:00 PM EDT

With her new album Red poised to sell more than a million copies in its debut week, Taylor Swift has lots of fans in her corner.

Evidently, her cat could care less.

"Starting the morning. Meredith is silently judging me," Tweeted early on Wednesday. "Lovingly, I hope."

The Nashville-based singer has been busy in New York City promoting her record, and it seems that Meredith, who has been in Swift's life for a year, got to tag along for the trip.

No big deal: Since she was a kitten, Meredith has been a frequent companion of Swift's on the road.

"She's back in the hotel because she's just so chill, she does not care where she is," Swift said on The View on Wednesday. "She's just like, 'Oh, another hotel room? Cool, I think I'm going to lay around now.'"

Meredith may be judgy about Swift, but isn't picky about amenities. As long as she has cat food and water, she's fine. "She's not impressed by anything," Swift continued. "I'm like, 'Look at this hotel suite, Meredith, this is crazy!' She doesn't care."

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