The Best Viral Videos of 2012

Viral Videos of 2012: Psy Gangam Style to Call Me Maybe

12/20/2012 AT 02:05 PM EST

Everybody danced like a galloping horse, thanks to "Gangnam Style."

Everyone sang "Call Me Maybe" – even Barack Obama. (Well, sort of.)

And everyone wondered why Zooey Deschanel asked, "Siri, is that rain?" when she was standing by a window in an iPhone commercial.

These and more were the viral videos of the year – the clips you posted on Facebook, shared on Twitter and clustered around your coworker's computer to watch over and over.

Want to watch them all again? Ain't nobody got time for that (as Sweet Brown said this year).

Thanks to Videogum, you can watch the best of the best, this retrospective mash-up of the funniest, creepiest, weirdest Internet videos of the year.

And yes, there are news anchors embarrassing themselves. It wouldn't be the Internet if there weren't!

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