Melissa Joan Hart Drops Two Dress Sizes

Melissa Joan Hart Drops Two Dress Sizes
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04/09/2013 AT 03:15 PM EDT

Melissa Joan Hart makes losing baby weight look simple.

The Melissa and Joey star, 36, told PEOPLE on Saturday she's dropped two dress sizes since giving birth in September to her third son, Tucker McFadden.

"I get compliments from my friends and family and coworkers," says Hart, who is about to start raising money on Kickstarter for the movie Dorothy's Walk of Shame. "I've gone down two jean sizes. It's been really great."

The actress credits her weight loss to Nutrisystem, for which she is a paid spokesperson.

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Melissa Joan Hart with family – and Ronald McDonald

Matt Petit

"It's been really nice," Hart said, prior to walking a 5K with Cheri Bazley's Long Beach Ronald McDonald House. "The program is really easy. It's a real help right now in my busy, busy life with my three boys. I don't have to think too hard about it. It's done for me. I just get to enjoy my meal."

Hart, who says she's "done a lot of different diets," also credits her hubby, Mark Wilkerson, for helping her shed some pounds.

"My husband is really into fitness, and I've always been big into working out," she says. "He's very supportive and gets me out for runs here and there to keep me active. My boys keep me active as it is."

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