Why Is Jessica Biel in a Cage?

04/24/2013 AT 01:00 PM EDT

We'd totally talk guys with the woman who snagged Justin Timberlake.

Before she wed the pop star, after all, Jessica Biel knew what it was like to be a single lady. And now she's helping dog Tina navigate the dating world.

"So he still hasn't called, huh? Bastard," the actress playfully Tweeted on Tuesday, posting a photo of her and her beloved pooch sitting side-by-side in a crate.

The photo is the second in a series Biel, 31, has dubbed "crate confessions" and part of her weekly "Tuesdays with Tina" posts, in which she routinely shows off her pit bull.

"It's okay Tina, sometimes boys don't call back," she wrote on April 16, the first time she and Tina shared the crate's space.

But not to worry, Tina: If you haven't heard back by next Tuesday, it's okay to move on, too. In fact, we hear Bo Obama is available.

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