The Daily Treat: Red Panda Gets His Last Licks

Red Panda Eats Bamboo in Germany: Photo
Nom nom nom nom
Roland Weihrauch/Landov

updated 04/29/2013 AT 05:30 PM EDT

originally published 04/29/2013 AT 02:00 PM EDT

This red panda is totally grounded as soon as his mom sees this.

While indulging in a meal of bamboo leaves, a red panda in Krefeld, Germany, got a little overzealous with his favorite tasty treat on Monday and completely forgot the cardinal rule at the dinner table. Despite a fully-formed, uneaten leaf still protruding from his mouth, the cute critter couldn't help but go in for another lick, chewing with his mouth open (gasp!).

Though we're normally partial to proper etiquette, we're inclined to let this red panda's behavior go on account of his un-bear-able cuteness.

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