Jose Canseco Is a Suspect in a Sexual Assault Case: Police

Jose Canseco Rape Case; Baseball Star Suspect in Sexual Assault
Jose Canseco
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05/22/2013 AT 03:20 PM EDT

Former major league baseball slugger Jose Canseco is a person of interest in a sexual assault in Las Vegas, according to police.

On Wednesday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department issued a statement saying they are "currently investigating" the case, and "Jose Conseco has been named as the suspect in this investigation. At this time no charges have been filed and our investigation remains ongoing."

"Per department policy neither victim information or investigation details are available for release," the statement continues.

Police did confirm they are hoping to speak with the former Oakland A's star – and he has agreed.

In the meantime, Canseco, 48, has taken to Twitter to profess his innocence in a series of Tweets that he has since pulled down. In one Tweet, he reportedly called out his accuser by name, asking her, "Will u take a polygraph cause I will."

Jose Canseco Is a Suspect in a Sexual Assault Case: Police| Crime & Courts, True Crime, Jose Canseco

And he later Tweeted, "Lets play truth or dare. I dare [redacted victim's name] to tell the truth."

Canseco, a two-time home run champion and six-time all star, was one of the game's biggest stars in the late '80s and into the '90s. In 2005, Canseco penned the New York Times bestseller Juiced, a book that addressed the use of steroids by baseball players.

He has all but been shunned by the game since then, though many of his claims about steroids have turned out to be true. Afterward, he wrote a second booked, titled Vindicated.

According to a CBS News report from 2009, he was charged in November 1997 – and jailed – for allegedly hitting his estranged wife of one year. In November 2001, he and his brother were arrested after a brawl in a Miami Beach nightclub in which he allegedly attacked two tourists, breaking one person's nose and leaving another with 20 stitches in his lip.
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