Ryan O'Neal Is a Great-Grandfather

Ryan O'Neal Becomes a Great-Grandfather
Ryan O'Neal and Sidney O'Neal
Courtesy Ryan O'Neal

05/28/2013 AT 05:15 PM EDT

You know that handsome young man from Love Story? He's a great-grandfather now!

Ryan O'Neal proudly shows off the famous Hollywood clan's latest addition – dashingly decked out in a straw hat and shades – in holiday weekend photos posted on Twitter and Facebook.

"Had a wonderful day with my new great-grandson Sidney," O'Neal, 72, writes. "Happy #MemorialDay to all!"

Sidney is the grandson of O'Neal's son Griffin O'Neal, 48, who has had well-documented troubles in his personal life and with dad Ryan.

But if great-grandpa's beaming smile is any indication, things may be looking up for the O'Neals.
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