The Daily Treat: Nothing to See Here, Just a Wheelbarrow Full of Puppies

Puppies in a Wheelbarrow: Photo
Here, a puppy. There, a puppy. Everywhere you look, a puppy!

06/03/2013 AT 01:30 PM EDT

We don't normally associate wheelbarrows with cuteness. Farming, sure; manual labor, yes; but now, a litter of newborn puppies has turned something ordinary into something extraordinary.

A sheepdog named Star from Leominster, England, recently gave birth to 14 puppies, considered twice the size of a normal litter. In fact, the black-and-white furballs are so numerous, their owners can only successfully transport them in a wheelbarrow.

The pups are being cared for by Star currently, but will eventually be put up for adoption to find homes of their own. While we admit the energetic brood seems like a handful, we do also prefer our puppies all in one place. All the better to ogle them!

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