Do You Recognize Victoria Beckham – Smiling?

Victoria Beckham Smiling in Photo on David Beckham's Facebook Page
Victoria Beckham
Courtesy David Beckham

06/24/2013 AT 09:40 AM EDT

What's so funny?

Actually, Victoria Beckham has a lot to smile about. The former Spice Girl has a growing fashion empire, three sons and a daughter, Harper, who turns 2 in July. And she's married to soccer stud-turned-family man, David Beckham, who posted this giggling shot of his wife, 39, on his Facebook page Sunday.

Despite the blessings in her life, Victoria is famous for rarely flashing her pearly whites in photos.

"Everyone thinks I'm going to be a cow," she said at a Vogue event in April. "I understand it, actually. I think the same when I see the pictures."

But David knows better. "See I told you she smiles," he wrote in the Facebook post.

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