Why Lindsay Lohan Has a Sober Coach

Why Lindsay Lohan Has a Sober Coach
Lindsay Lohan

08/11/2013 AT 02:15 PM EDT

Since leaving rehab July 30, Lindsay Lohan has taped appearances on Oprah's Next Chapter and Chelsea Lately, and seems to be doing well – reportedly with help from a sober coach. 

A source who knows Lohan says that she even canceled her planned Europe trip on Winfrey's request, but whether a coach is casually accompanying the Mean Girls actress or never lets her out of his sight, and whether this is going to make a difference in the long run, remains to be seen. 

Hollywood sober coaches say that although the rules are different each time, as negotiated by the coach and the patient, it's clear that Lohan, 27, greatly needs this service to help her battle temptations to relapse.

"You need to use your sober coach to bring treatment home, to the set, to the attorney's office when you're negotiating your next movie. Without bringing a sober coach to those places, she is highly likely to relapse," says Doug Caine, who runs Sober Champion, a stable of sober coaches with backgrounds in nursing, social work and psychology.

He says that although the coach's most obvious role is to keep an eye on Lohan and steer her away from people and places of temptation – or "fountains of toxicity," as Caine puts it – a sober coach is not only a chaperone but also a live-in therapist who will supplement the counseling Lohan received during her mandatory stint in rehab.

Expensive Fee

One factor in Lohan's favor regarding her sober coach is that she's able to afford one – Caine charges up to $2,500 a day.

"Only the wealthy can afford a sober companion," says Leonard Buschel, founder of Writers in Treatment, who two years ago sober-coached a businessman whose addiction to pain pills and crack was jeopardizing his marriage.

"He would go to the dentist when he didn't need to. He had his own anesthesiologist that would meet him at the dentist and give him propofol."

Buschel slept in a spare bedroom in the client's house, sat with him at dinner, accompanied him to doctor and dentist appointments, sat with him at the movies, and read in the man's office while he worked. But soon after he finished coaching for a month, the man relapsed – which was not a surprise because he was trying to appease someone else and not doing it for himself.

He adds that if it was Lohan's decision to employ a coach to help her fight temptation, it's a good sign she might stay clean this time around.
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