'Telekinetic' Girl Terrifies Customers in Prank

'Telekinetic' Girl Terrifies Customers in Prank
Carrie-like prank in a New York City coffee shop

10/08/2013 AT 09:40 AM EDT

What if telekinetic anti-heroine Carrie was a real person?

Well, for starters, her dry cleaning bill would be huge. And she'd obviously terrify random people when she made things (and people) move with her mind.

To promote the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's 1974 novel Carrie, viral video marketing company Thinkmodo created the following prank, unleashing a telekinetic, Carrie-like customer on a New York coffee shop.

Thanks to some spring-loaded books, a harnessed stuntman and some remote-controlled tables, the customer "wrecks" the coffee shop – and freaks out the unsuspecting customers.

Carriestarring Chloe Grace Moretz as the bullied kinetic teen – hits theaters Oct. 18.

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