Vin Diesel Looks All Kinds of Ripped at 46!

Vin Diesel Shirtless Combat Video on Facebook
Vin Diesel
Courtesy Vin Diesel

10/21/2013 AT 07:45 PM EDT

This is one of those rare instances where "Like" does not suffice and we wish Facebook had a "Love" button.

On Monday, Vin Diesel showed off his rock hard body (including killer abs and solid pecks) in a new shirtless video he posted to his Facebook page from a combat training session.

The Fast & Furious actor, 46, posted the video – which features a sweaty Vin partaking in some serious kickboxing and doing some very impressive acrobatic stunts – to celebrate the nearly 50 million "likes" on his Facebook page. The video was accompanied by the message: "For Our page ... Celebrating Our Global 50 Million!!!"

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