Lady Gaga's Twitter Rant and More of the Most Important Random Things Online

Lady Gaga's Twitter Rant and More of the Most Important Random Things Online
Courtesy Lady Gaga

updated 10/25/2013 at 01:00 PM EDT

originally published 10/25/2013 04:55PM

While Kanye West was abusing the letter "e" during his proposal ("PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!!"), Katie Holmes was abusing the exclamation point and Jason Momoa abused some random dude's hands.

Plus: male model-turned-actor Jamie Dornan is the new Christian Grey and he's really, really ridiculously good looking. Read on for the best of the most random stuff online this week.

Lady Gaga Had a Twitter Rant
The singer sounded off on rumors that she has a penis, her supposed rivalry with Katy Perry and more.

Katie Holmes Joined Twitter
And apparently loves exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

Guy Gets into a Slap Fight with Jason Momoa – a.k.a., Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones
So, this guy has a death wish.

Jamie Dornan Lands Role as Christian Grey
And he's kind of funny on Twitter.

Also, Lena Dunham knew that he was awesome back in the day, so good job, Lena.

Keanu Reeves Did a Reddit AMA
And was charming as hell, writing that "It's always nice to say hi to folks" (re: fan interaction) and that Gary Busy ate all the meatball subs from Point Break. He also addressed the infamous "Sad Keanu" photo, saying, "I think that a picture can tell a thousand words, and none of them can be right. Or true. I'm absolutely a very happy person."

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