Who Is Margot Robbie? Get to Know Will Smith's Focus Costar

Margot Robbie, Will Smith Photo Scandal: 5 Things to Know About Her
Margot Robbie
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11/08/2013 AT 05:00 PM EST

If you had asked someone last week to describe Australian actress Margot Robbie, you probably would have received a blank stare back. But that all changed when suggestive photos emerged of the blonde beauty and Focus costar Will Smith in a photo booth.

"There's absolutely no truth to the ridiculous rumor," the 23-year-old Tweeted in response to speculation that Smith was having an affair. But even with the scandal behind her, don't expect Robbie to fade from the headlines. Here's what you need to know about this star on the rise:

Smith is not her first rumored romantic encounter in Hollywood
In 2012, Robbie landed the role of Leonardo DiCaprio's wife, Naomi, in The Wolf of Wall Street and was soon believed to be dating her onscreen leading man. "Those rumors were inevitable – there's no truth to them," she said. Romances aside, expect to see more of Robbie around the time of the film's Christmas release.

She's hitting Hollywood's radar right on Time
In addition to Wall Street, Robbie can be seen in theaters this weekend with a role in the Rachel McAdams rom-com About Time. "It was a just a fun, smaller role," she says of playing a would-be suitor for McAdams's boyfriend. "It was so nice to be part of a Richard Curtis film because I think he's so talented."

Does Robbie look familiar? It's because you've seen her before
Prior to transitioning to the big screen, Robbie starred on the short-lived ABC series Pan Am in 2011, where she played an American flight attendant alongside Christina Ricci. "Honestly, that's the highest compliment I get, when I run into someone and they're like, 'You're Australian?!'" she said of disguising her Aussie accent for the show. "Even members of the crew will come up and be like, 'Wait, wait! Where are you from?'"

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