Step Aside Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp Look-Alike Weds Tree

Artist and Johnny Depp Look-Alike Marries Tree For Environmental Awareness
Johnny Depp and artist Richard Torres
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11/14/2013 AT 12:55 PM EST

The groom wore a bright blue bowler hat and his partner wore bark at a wedding in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Sunday. Peruvian actor, environmentalist and Johnny Depp look-alike Richard Torres showed how far his dedication to nature goes by branching out from wedding conventions and marrying a tree.

As the tree is, of course, deeply rooted in his hometown, that's where the ceremony was conducted. Thankfully, the tree–named Aliehuen Nehuen–lives in a scenic park, which provided an ideal backdrop.

The wedding's execution was relatively traditional. Torres walked down the aisle in an ensemble that looked straight out of Depp's Benny & Joon wardrobe, while Nehuen stuck with a simple white tie. The ceremony consisted of a touching oath from Torres, several symbolic offerings from the actor to his new spouse, and the traditional kiss to seal the deal. For some reason, Nehuen seemed a little stiff during the smooch.

The unusual union is part of Torres' larger mission to raise awareness throughout Latin America about environmental issues. The actor's other efforts include holding nude protests against the removal of trees, as well as marrying other flora. Hopefully, Nehuen knows he isn't the only tree in Torres' life.

Still skeptical that this wedding is real? Watch highlights, in Spanish, from the ceremony below.

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