Feisty 92-Year-Old Woman Expertly Fights Off Home Invader

Opal Phelps, 92, Fights Home Invader
92-year-old woman Opal Phelps fought off a home invader.
Courtesy KHOU

11/19/2013 AT 05:00 PM EST

Opal Phelps is the wrong senior citizen to mess with. The 92-year-old resident of Jasper County, Texas, recently fended off a masked man who broke into her home.

Phelps awoke last Monday night to find a masked intruder looming over her bed.

"He tried to make me shut up, but he didn't have no luck at it," Phelps told KHOU-TV.

Phelps told the man – who asked her for $20, apparently – she didn't have any money, and that she'd misplaced her purse, at which point he instructed her to put on her shoes, presumably intent on making her go look for her purse. Again, Phelps was having none of it.

"He had a hold of my leg trying to put them shoes on, and they hard to get on, and I just took my other foot and kicked him right in the face," Phelps said. She then grabbed a Life Alert monitor on her nightstand and hit the button.

The robber fled when Phelps rang Life Alert, and managed to make off with a gun she had by her bed. In our opinion, he's fortunate Phelps didn't get a chance to use it.

"I'm going to stay here. I told that cop I was getting me another gun. He says get it. I'm going to use it next time I think."

Thanks to Phelps, criminals everywhere will think twice before targeting sweet old grannies.

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