Alessandra Ambrósio: Plastic Surgery 'Freaks Me Out'

Alessandra Ambrósio: Plastic Surgery 'Freaks Me Out'
Alessandra Ambrósio
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12/16/2013 AT 05:35 PM EST

Alessandra Ambrósio isn't exactly known for keeping her fabulous figure covered up.

Her ears, however, are a whole different story.

In hopes of fulfilling her modeling dreams, Ambrósio underwent surgery at the age of 11 in an attempt to pin them back.

"I always knew I wanted to be a model so I decided to have my ears pinned back because they stuck out a bit," Ambrósio, 32, says in Net-a-Porter magazine's December issue.

"I found this doctor in my hometown [of Erechim] in Brazil who had only done it once before, so I was a guinea pig."

She recalls, "The first few nights, it felt like someone had cut off my ears. For a year, I had to go back for mini surgeries."

Doctors have since assured Ambrósio they can correct the procedure, but the botched surgery has left her hesitant to go back under the knife. "Cosmetic surgery freaks me out now," she says. "I'm afraid of having anything done ... there's too much of that in L.A."

In lieu of fast surgical solutions, Ambrósio instead works hard to maintain her famous physique – a challenge that first arose following the birth of her daughter Anja, now 5.

"People kept telling me that I would bounce back straight away, but a week after giving birth, I still had that balloon belly," the supermodel, who gained 60 pounds during her first pregnancy, says.

"It was the first time in my life that I had to diet. Before I had my kids, if I gained one or two pounds, I would just eat salad and it would be okay," she adds.

Ambrósio has since welcomed son Noah, 19 months, and is engaged to businessman Jamie Mazur, a relationship she is happy to keep out of the spotlight.

"I can be quite jealous, and when I see models with famous men, I think, that [is not] for me. I want a man to myself," she says. "There's already competition for a normal guy; I'm not up to fighting other women off."
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