Watch 1,500 People Set World Record Performing Anna Kendrick's 'Cups'

12/17/2013 AT 02:30 PM EST

Anna Kendrick is impossibly adorable. And Kendrick's song "Cups" (from Pitch Perfect) is remarkably charming. So by proxy, 1,500 Canadians performing "Cups" must be both impossibly adorable and remarkably charming.

And it is.

Collége Saint-Bernard in Drummondville, Quebec, pulled students from kindergarten through high school and all the staff to create a 1,500-strong "Cups" choir.

The performance includes kids "cupping" while underwater, in a gym and on the playground – there's even a group of cheerleaders clapping and stacking.

The group set a new world record with the event, which is a) laudable, and b) a wonderfully specific record to set. Kudos!

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