Albert Hammond, Jr. Marries Justyna Sroka

Albert Hammond, Jr. Marries Justyna Sroka
Justyna Sroka and Albert Hammond Jr.
Courtesy Albert Hammond Jr.

12/27/2013 AT 06:00 PM EST

It didn't happen "Last Nite," but Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr., has tied the knot.

The musician announced via Twitter Monday that he and Justyna Sroka had wed.

Sroka has changed her last name to Hammond, Jr., which he commented on in his post.

"Mr. & Mrs. Hammond, Jr. Yeah … she kept the JR YES!! Haha she's JHJ I'm AHJ," he wrote.

The pair met while Sroka, now a senior operations manager at Juice Press, was working at Cafe Gitane in New York City.

Hammond, Jr., 33, revealed to Rolling Stone that his new wife was the inspiration behind his track, "St. Justice," from his solo album, AHJ. The magazine named the tune one of the 100 Best Songs of the Year.

"It feels like the universe has just lined up for me to really take responsibility: 'If you want to do this thing, do it. Stop trying to hide behind things. Just do it and take the good and the bad straight up,' " he told the magazine. "I'm excited about that. I'm ready."

Albert Hammond, Jr. Marries Justyna Sroka| Albert Hammond Jr., The Strokes, Marriage, Wedding

The rings

Courtesy Albert Hammond Jr.

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