Me-Wow! New Jersey Police Catch Cat-Eyed Cat Burglar

Cat Burglar in New Jersey has Cat Eyes
Chris Connolly
Courtesy New Milford Police Dept.

01/15/2014 AT 11:00 AM EST

Based on his mugshot, Chris Connolly may be the world's most dedicated cat burglar.

The police who booked the 35-year-old man for a burglary arrest found a set of different-colored eyes staring them down, framed by cat-eye makeup.

Connolly was picked up Friday in New Milford, N.J., for breaking into a family's home and stealing jewelry, credit cards and other valuables, the Cliffview Pilot reported. While the accused may have the look of a feline, he evidently doesn't have the animal's stealth.

Authorities arrested Connolly the same night of the burglary, after the cat-eyed criminal allegedly used one of the stolen debit cards at a local 7-Eleven. Sometimes, those Fancy Feast cravings can't wait.

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