Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Pass the Late Night Torch – in Hilarious Fashion


Seth Meyers (left) and Jimmy Fallon

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

updated 01/29/2014 AT 12:00 PM EST

originally published 01/29/2014 AT 09:00 AM EST

Seth Meyers is preparing to take the reins of Late Night from Jimmy Fallon when the latter moves to The Tonight Show, and Fallon had his successor on the show Tuesday night for an important tradition: the passing of the Late Night pickle.

This isn't just Fallon being Fallon, however: Apparently it's a real, longstanding Late Night tradition. David Letterman's staff gave the pickle to Conan O'Brien when he inherited the show, and O'Brien gave it to Fallon when he took over.

The tradition's weirdness doesn't preclude sentimentality, though. O'Brien's staff reportedly included a note to Fallon's when they handed off the pickle:

"Whenever you're done – which won't be for a long time – make sure you pass it on to the next sap," the note read. "Knock 'em dead."

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