Anna Kendrick Discusses Her Non-Super-Bowl Commercial and Who She'd Be on Girls


Anna Kendrick in "Behind the Scenes of the Mega Huge Game Day Ad Newcastle Almost Made"

Courtesy Newcastle

01/31/2014 AT 06:15 PM EST

Nobody's won the actual Super Bowl yet – they don't play it until Sunday – but if one person has won this year's Super Bowl media spectacle, it's Anna Kendrick.

In a hilarious fake behind-the-scenes ad for Newcastle Brown Ale, the Pitch Perfect star plays a self-obsessed version of herself who wonders why she isn't legally allowed to say the word "Super Bowl" and tries to figure out what kind of "hot" she really is. (She eventually settles on "hot to the kind of guys who feel bad about calling a girl hot.")

Kendrick took time out of her schedule to talk to PEOPLE about her experience filming the ad, the Girls character she's most like and her favorite Tweeter. Spoiler alert: It's @RobDelaney.

Watch the interview above, then watch Kendrick's non-Super Bowl commercial below:

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