Racing Enthusiast Takes 3-Year-Old Son on Ride of His Life (VIDEO)


Anton Avdeyev and son Timofey

02/19/2014 AT 08:05 AM EST

Some dads take their kids out for rides in a wagon, or on the back of a bike. Others take them out in race cars.

Anton Avdeyev, of Kazakhstan, took his 3-year-old son Timofey out for a spin on a race course, and performed some serious moves, judging by Timofey's facial expressions. Avdeyev regularly participates in drifting competitions, using a technique in which drivers over-steer their wheel, causing the vehicle to lose traction and drift on the course.

Avdeyev assured that the drive took place on a secure closed track with no other cars and that his speed didn't exceed 37 m.p.h.

Watch Timofey's adorable reaction, which makes it seem as though he's got a passenger-seat spot in the Millennium Falcon.

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