Exclusive: Viral Video Kiss Cam Sister Explains Brother's Prank

02/19/2014 AT 11:00 AM EST

For mixed-gender siblings, few activities are as perilous as attending a sporting event together – always in the shadows lurks the specter of the kiss cam. That's why, when Adam Martin attended a Minnesota Gophers hockey game with his sister, Maria Martin – on Valentine's Day, no less – he came prepared.

Knowing that he and his sister would be targets for the kiss cam's gaze, Adam (who admits he's drawn comparisons to a young Tom Hanks) brought along a helpful sign to explain his relationship with the attractive woman sitting beside him. "My sister," it said, with an arrow pointing to Maria.

"He always was a planner," Maria told PEOPLE. "He brought the sign as a joke. He didn't want people to think I was his girlfriend."

When the kiss cam segment started up, Adam took the sign from his pocket and braced for the inevitable moment. His sister was skeptical; with so many couples in the arena, the odds they would be chosen seemed slim.

Then, suddenly, there they were. "We had no idea, honestly," said Maria. "It was by luck."

Once they appeared on the camera, Adam whipped out the sign. The crowd cheered. Maria started cracking up, while her brother maintained a deadpan grimace.

Once the siblings got home, Adam was able to get the kiss cam video from the team and post it as his Facebook status. The Martins thought that would be it, but the clip soon spread like wildfire around the Web, hitting the front page of Reddit and earning more than 4 million views on YouTube. Even five days later, the nature of the viral frenzy has come as a shock to the siblings.

"I thought it would blow over, and it's gone crazy," Maria said on Monday.

What would Maria write on her own sign, were she placed in the same position again?

"Older brothers are so embarrassing," she told PEOPLE.

Apart from the Martins' moment of viral fame, Maria says the hockey game was pretty good too: "The Gophers beat Michigan – that's all that matters!"

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