Ellen DeGeneres Shares Her 5 Favorite Viral Videos

Ellen DeGeneres Shares Her 5 Favorite Viral Videos
Ellen DeGeneres
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updated 02/22/2014 AT 02:40 PM EST

originally published 02/19/2014 AT 10:15 AM EST

Ellen DeGeneres has made humor her business, literally. The talk-show host spends her working hours doing whatever it takes – dancing, joking, creating glitter portraits – to make her audience smile.

DeGeneres, 56, has no trouble getting the giggles solo, but that doesn't stop her from recruiting outside talent for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The host has become a pro at untangling the Web and discovering the next hilarious YouTube star or clip everyone needs to see. As part of her PEOPLE cover story, DeGeneres shared her favorite videos from all those hours of searching online.

Sit down and prepare to have your day brightened. Here are DeGeneres's top five must-see viral clips:

5. Diaper Cream

4. English Mastiff 'Tank' Caught Red-Handed

3. Cat Behind Bed

2. Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown

1. Nicki Minaj Sings "Super Bass" With Sophia Grace

For more from DeGeneres's revealing interview, told in her own words, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE.

Ellen DeGeneres Shares Her 5 Favorite Viral Videos| Ellen Degeneres Cover, Ellen DeGeneres

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