Here's the Girl Scout Cookie-Locating App You've Been Waiting For

Girl Scout Cookie Tracking App Developed by The Kellogg Company
The Kellogg Company's Girl Scout cookie locator app

02/26/2014 AT 10:45 AM EST

Because camping outside an elementary school and waiting for children to attempt to sell you Thin Mints is not quite realistic, there is at long last a Girl Scout Cookie-tracking app.

Created by the Kellogg Company, the app is deliriously simple: It finds cookies based on your geographical location.

And now for the bad news: The app, available on iTunes, only finds public sales registered with it, meaning that local guy who buys boxes wholesale and sells them at a cost (you don't have a Girl Scout cookie guy?) is not included in its results.

Another major shortcoming of this app is that it does not deliver cookies directly to our mouths via drones. Jeff Bezos, please get on this.

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