What Did You Just Call Me? 11 Laughably Incorrect Starbucks Names

02/27/2014 AT 08:30 AM EST

It's become a rule of modern life at Starbucks that along with your grande latte, you'll also be getting a hilariously butchered version of your name. For all those overworked and tired baristas, we really are sorry and we appreciate your struggle, but these accidental monikers are way too funny to ignore.



"Brooke." Then again, maybe they were just making unsolicited assumptions about her financial state.

We think that's "Margot." We really hope that's "Margot."

Admittedly a toughie: This woman's name was "Lyndall."

Maybe the barista was just a big "Super Mario Brothers" fan.


Poor Heidi. It's enough to make her want to run and Heid.

That's just a mean thing to call someone.

Followed by "Cosindy." And … tangent-something. (Is there a name that you can make into a "tangent" pun?)

Becky's a real beast.

What is the worst way your name has been butchered by a Starbucks employee? Share your pain in the comments below.
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