Let This Time-Lapse of Snowflakes Show You a Prettier Side of Winter


Microscopic footage of a snowflake

Courtesy Vyacheslav Ivanov

03/03/2014 AT 10:55 AM EST

This is winter's good side.

Although more snow and freezing temperatures are in the forecast, there are videos like this one to remind us that winter – even when it seems like it'll never end – can be beautiful.

Vyacheslav Ivanov of St. Petersburg, Russia, created this haunting time-lapse video that features microscopic footage of snowflakes, set to "Cylinder Six" by Chris Zabriskie. When you're digging your car out of millions of them, it can be kind of hard to remember how mind-bogglingly pretty snowflakes actually are up close. However, this video does a great job of reminding us of just that.

Plus, you get to watch them melt. And with only 17 days left until the official start of spring, that's a sight for sore (and cold and chapped and runny...) eyes.

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