Watch the True Detective Theme Song with Cats and More Amazing Fan Art

updated 03/10/2014 AT 06:15 PM EDT

originally published 03/10/2014 AT 02:00 PM EDT

If you've been wondering what the best part of your day will be, stop right now. It's the True Detective opening sequence below – with cats.

We've gathered this and other forms of fan tributes and artwork to help you ease the pain of knowing the show you fell in love with – the Harrelson-McConaughey chemistry, McConaughey's Rustin Cohle expounding on "odd s–––," to quote Harrelson's Marty Hart – is gone, only to be replaced with new actors next season. Don't fear.

Here are some pretty pictures (and one amazing cat video) to soothe the pain.

This video actually stars several Internet-famous cats – see if you can spot them.

Oh, a dark and gritty rendering? Weird.

Oh, an even darker-and-grittier rendering? We're noticing a theme here.

Take some time and imagine Rustin Cohle's lines being read by Homer Simpson. It's how we've spent the last hour.

Yeah, it's definitely kind of creepy, but it's appropriate,

Not explicitly "fan art," but just kind of hilarious:

Time is a flat circle

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