Is This the Luckiest Wheel of Fortune Guess Ever?

updated 03/20/2014 AT 11:45 AM EDT

originally published 03/20/2014 AT 11:00 AM EDT

This is either one of the luckiest guesses ever, or the first genuine evidence of psychic abilities we've seen.

A contestant named Emil on Wheel of Fortune's March 19 episode solved a three-word bonus round question with only two of the 12 letters revealed, which is even more impressive when you find out what the answer was.

Yes, with no vowels, and only the entire scope of the English language at his disposal, Emil managed to guess that the answer was "New Baby Buggy."

Pat Sajak's reaction seems to be equal parts surprise and genuine anger that someone managed such a long-shot guess, which is fairly entertaining, but Emil's reaction really sells the clip.

How would you react if the most random guess you ever made in your life just won you $45,000?

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