Watch 14 Hilarious Anchor Bloopers

03/24/2014 AT 09:00 AM EDT

Reading the news is stressful, and occasionally fraught with peril. But for all the mishaps anchors can experience, there's also a world of mirth (for viewers). We're here to share that world with you: Here are some of our favorite news anchor bloopers.

Anchors Crack Up Post-Lochte Interview

Lochte might be a man at night and a man in the morning (as he says in the video, whatever that means), but he's not exactly a Nobel Prize candidate: These anchors were unable to keep a straight face post-interview.

Ostrich Attack

And now we're terrified of ostriches. This is an untapped market for the horror film industry.

Anderson Cooper Has the Cutest Attack of the Giggles

Stop being so cute, Anderson.

Weather Dog Photobomb

That's Storm, the weather dog. Storm's got charisma to spare, but he's not so good about hitting his cues.

Anchor, Meet Wall of Snow

Steve Keeley is such a pro, he barely misses a beat after being slammed by a wall of snow and slush.

Weatherman, Meet Cockroach

To be fair, we have similar reactions when confronted with cockroaches, and no one's depending on us to explain the weather.

Anchor Unsure of How to Anchor

How ironic is it that he's reporting about ADHD?


You know how when you mess up during a presentation, your coworkers never let you forget? Welcome to this guy's life.

Yeah, Put That on the News

We don't know what the woman's so angry about, but ... wow.

Kevin Everett Kicks Cop

Never before has using the wrong piece of b-roll to accompany narration gone so hilariously wrong.

Shoulder Check

With a shoulder check like that, this guy missed his calling as a hockey player.

Anchor Does Not Understand Cat Sounds

Pro tip: If you're holding a cat that's making this noise, put it down. Immediately.

That's a Big Spider

Today's weather: Giant spiders. Giant spiders everywhere.

Earthquake Face

And the video that was the impetus for this roundup. What's your "earthquake face"?

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